March 06, 1978 12:00 PM

Round eight to Mailer

The fists he unleashed not long ago on Gore Vidal were kept safely wrapped around a cocktail as Norman Mailer, 55, made the literary scene in Manhattan. But few dispute Mailer is the champion of fatherhood. Though he complains his five ex-wives and seven kids make him publish or perish, Norman is about to be a daddy again, this time by ex-model Norris Church, with whom he has shared a pad for two years. To feed his brood (which includes Church’s boy by a former marriage), Norman has dusted off an unpublished novel titled Transit to Narcissus, which he wrote at 20 and will be peddling in special editions for $100 per.

Pistols in the suná

The Sex Pistols have scattered like bird shot. Johnny Rotten is into reggae, following a trip to Jamaica (“He went there as some people go to Lourdes,” says a friend). Sid Vicious is in London and behaving like a lamb since a drug charge was dropped. Meanwhile Steve Jones and Paul Cook (center and right) have been lolling on a Rio beach with Britain’s fugitive Great Train Robber, Ronald Biggs (aptly in striped trunks). Together with U.S. actor Jim Jetter, who prances about in a Nazi get-up, the group is making a film about the, er, career of the punk Pistols. No danger it will be as long as Dylan’s Renaldo and Clara.

Gilda’s hustle

Gilda Radner of NBC’s Saturday Night Live boogied into the witching hour with a sometime boyfriend, English actor Peter Firth (currently up for a supporting Oscar in Equus), but then—poof!—there was neither prince nor pumpkin to take her home. Leaving the ball at Manhattan’s disco joint du jour (et soir), Studio 54, all by herself at 12:45, she ventured into the mean snowbound streets, hoping to swing a cab. Instead she caught the mobile eye of Jack Ford, who limoed her off into the night.

For a sibling stallion, it’s been rocky

It pays to have a brother, if he’s Sylvester Stallone, 31. Valentine (a group that to be honest is not even deep in the hearts of folks back home in Trenton, N.J.) features Sly’s brother, Frank, 27. And that surely helped to get a one-night booking at L.A.’s Roxy. The group, which debuted in Rocky as a street-corner quintet, includes Bill Ring, Jody Giambelluca, Peter Glassboro and Bob Tangrea. Also on hand to see a second son make good was Frank Sr. (lower left). “I’ve seen the bum play a thousand times in a thousand clubs,” said the Italian Stallion, “only tonight Frank’s getting money.”

Godfather Brando

Actor Marlon Brando, 53, was wheeling along Mulholland in Los Angeles when he spotted an accident. A fire truck had collided with a sports car and lying in the grass was friend of the family Neal Provisor, 19, a Pierce College classmate of son Christian Brando. The star huddled over the boy and then trailed the ambulance to the hospital. Brando then phoned Provisor’s mum to report a fractured finger, wrists and cuts—nothing so serious that the admitting attendant in the emergency room didn’t waggishly inquire, “Is this your godson?”

‘Enemy’ Ekland

Britt Ekland, 35, is a trooper, off to Europe to promote a new flick, Slavers. That may sound a bit S&M, but actually she plays a pioneer 19th-century woman. In this latest rig Britt certainly looked liberated and said she finally was—from rocker Rod Stewart. “In the end he called me the Enemy,” she laughed, “but he meant it affectionately.” His pals are not so sure. The out-of-court settlement of her $21 million suit may have Rod under the whip.

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