February 13, 1978 12:00 PM

Bird’s wing repairs

The Detroit Tigers’ squirrelly young pitcher, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, 23, hasn’t been flying high recently, not since he was sidelined midway through his second season last year with tendinitis of his right shoulder. But the Bird claims that come spring training he’ll be back “100 percent,” with the help of Ann Arbor physiotherapist Gus Crouch (above). The exercises, requiring alternate effort and relaxation, look painful, but Fidrych figures they’re well worth it if he can start winging ’em across once again.

Sissy and Carrie

Actually, Sissy Spacek, 28, left, had come with husband Jack Fisk, while Carrie (Star Wars) Fisher, 21, was the date of Manhattan publicist Bobby Zarem. But at the New York Film Critics’ Circle dinner at Sardi’s, where Sissy was given the best supporting actress award for 3 Women, they shucked off their escorts for a few minutes to link arms and exchange woman talk before taking off for a party given by Iran’s U.N. ambassador. Then Carrie was off to the 50th birthday of Broadway’s Hal Prince. And Sissy? Well, she’s married.

Moreau and mate

When actress Jeanne Moreau, 50, and her 38-year-old husband of a year, Hollywood director William (The Exorcist) Friedkin, turned up at the French ski resort Avoriaz, it wasn’t to hit the slopes but the screening rooms. Both were there for a film festival over which Friedkin presided. Their snowbound togetherness was short-lived. Moreau, who debuted as a director with her 1976 La Lumière, is preparing to shoot a second “somewhere in France,” while Friedkin is busy in the U.S. with his newest film, based on the murder of union leader Joseph Yablonski.

Stephen’s ladies

“I feel like the neatest kid on the block,” says rock singer-composer Stephen (On and On) Bishop, 26—and why not? Grouped round to say hi after his recent gig at Los Angeles’ Roxy Theatre were a gang who call themselves “Stephen’s Ladies”—no lesser songbirds than (from left) Natalie Cole, Donna Summers, Joni Mitchell and Chaka Khan (who sings back-up on his album Careless). But Stephen makes no romantic claims on his Ladies. They’re all just funky neighbors from Laurel Canyon, he explains.

Caroline reaches 21

Technically it was Princess Caroline’s first liberated night on the town. The day after her 21st birthday, she and her fiancé, Paris financial counselor Philippe Junot, 37, celebrated with a violin serenade at a party at Maxim’s in Paris. Caroline still must graduate from the Sorbonne; then, friends say, she and Philippe will be married June 26. “It will be a very simple family wedding,” Mom Grace warns. Meanwhile, Caroline is house hunting in Paris. If she fails, Grace and Rainier may turn over to the newlyweds, for a time at least, their own apartment on Avenue Foch.

Ehrlichman at liberty

Former presidential adviser turned author John D. (The Company) Ehrlichman, 52, won’t be paroled until April, after serving a year and a half of his one-to-four term for conspiracy in connection with Watergate. But he has been getting some sneak previews of freedom recently. At Christmas he had a five-day holiday furlough from Swift Trail Federal Prison in Safford, Ariz. Last month, thinner on top but minus his full beard, he was out again, this time on a three-day visit to his ailing 76-year-old mother, who lives in Santa Monica, Calif.

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