By People Staff
Updated June 05, 1978 12:00 PM

Tusk! Tusk!

After ringmaster Ethel Kennedy parked Suzie at her 20th annual McLean, Va. pet show (a benefit for runaways), the three-ton mount broke loose and bore down on—of all the 2,500 guests—Amy Carter. Alert Secret Service agents snagged the First Daughter and arced her over a fence to safety, one agent suffering a broken finger and wrenched ankle. Suzie, it seems, was spooked by a barking dog, or just possibly knew where to look for peanuts.

Spector hires Ronee

It’s appropriate enough that record biz enigma Phil Spector, 37, should materialize in a Hollywood place called the Palace of Mystery. Arriving an hour late for a press conference he’d called, the recluse ungallantly blamed it on singer-actress Ronee (Renaldo & Clara) Blakley. But she’ll be paid well for the insult. Blakley will be a guest panelist on Spector’s new TV show Win the Jamm, which he came to ballyhoo. “Some people might call it a Gong Show for music,” explained Phil. Now if the networks will just let it be, let it be.

Ug-LY! Ug-LY! Ug-LY!

The fractious New York Yankees are bickering again but also beginning to play ball like the World Champions they are. Yet, surprisingly, Reggie Jackson, 32, is now trying to be the club’s peacemaker. But lest opponents forget that he can also be the team’s designated monster, Reggie slipped on a menacing mask (that bore an eerie resemblance to writer William F. Buckley Jr.) for pregame practice in Cleveland. It didn’t exactly intimidate opposing pitchers Rick Waits and Sid Monge. The Candy Bar Kid went 0 for 5.

Rosalynn rolls on

To dramatize a point in Washington, one starts at the top of the ladder. So when D.C. General Hospital decided to redecorate its emergency room, it was no accident that Rosalynn Carter donned a pink volunteer’s smock. As photographers clicked away, she brushed and rolled for 25 minutes. “I can paint with both hands,” she boasted. “When Jimmy’s term as governor was up, I did the entire house.” Rosalynn intends to take part in similar inner-city projects elsewhere. Meanwhile her husband hired media maestro Gerald Rafshoon to touch up his public image.

Dusty’s Angel

He could hustle, to be sure, but since when do they let the likes of Ratso Rizzo into Manhattan’s Studio 54? Kate Jackson was in town to mull the possibility of playing Dustin Hoffman’s wife in the movie adaptation of the domestic novel Kramer versus Kramer. They wasted no time in testing their chemistry, spending Saturday afternoon noshing at an ethnic food festival. Then they hopped a subway to SoHo for dinner before cruising back uptown to the smart disco. As for getting through the rope, well, it helps to be on the side of the Angels.

Halston duds

Loyal, useful, courteous, cheerful, thrifty, chic…chic? Yes, the Girl Scouts of America have commissioned Halston to create a new uniform for the 500,000 adults who lead the troops. The designer described the task as “an honor and a challenge. These ladies might be in a garage or on a hike. And the uniforms had to be inexpensive.” Well, that’s relative. Halston’s polyester gabardine outfit costs an unthrifty $100. Now he’s working on a special uniform for expansionist Scouters: a maternity model.