May 08, 1978 12:00 PM

Andrew hits a snag

By right, the British royal family should fly nothing more dicey than a bumber-shoot. But a true son of the fearless Philip and brother to the devil-may-care Charles, Prince Andrew, 18, enrolled in a 10-day RAF parachuting course in the South of England. On his fifth plunge, Andrew got the lines of his chute tangled but somehow sorted them out just short of terminal firma. “Of course I was nervous,” confessed the second in line to the throne. “If you aren’t nervous you’ll do something stupid.” With that, he strode gamely back for another try, this time without snarl-ups.

Frampton’s Fury

Peter Frampton has soccer in his blood, and following the act of fellow British-born rocker Elton John, he now has more than a rooting interest: He is part owner (with those other all-star musicmakers Paul Simon and Rick Wakeman) of the Philadelphia Furys. After his team had gotten in some licks against the Memphis Rogues (a 2-1 victory kept the Furys number two on the charts), Frampton was allowed his when the cheerleaders rolled out a cake to celebrate his 28th birthday.

Ready for mime time?

Albert of Monaco, 20, may one day rule his father’s principality, and Tony Peck, 21, could follow his dad, Gregory, as a prince of players. But for now the two are students at Amherst College in Massachusetts—Tony a third-year drama major, and Albert a freshman studying political science. The two teamed up to pay court when the king of mime, Marcel Marceau, 55, showed his real face on campus. But Albert missed Marceau’s performance at nearby U. of Mass. campus, opting instead for a rock concert.

Tame that Toon

Welcome to the era of shuttlecock diplomacy. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance was winding up a 12-day, 20,000-mile trip to Southern Africa, Britain and Russia, which should have been grueling enough for a 61-year-old. Yet after a morning workout with Leonid Brezhnev over SALT, Vance took to the platform tennis courts at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. After warming up with Ambassador Malcolm Toon (left), Vance challenged his host to doubles. Toon’s team then inhospitably trounced his boss’s, 8-6.

Kookie step

True, it’s hard to distinguish between choreography and catastrophe on the disco floor these days, but Jacqueline Bisset’s step was not the Mashed Potato but the Mashed Tootsie. The perpetrator was decidedly not her partner, Edd Byrnes, 44. He had taken five weeks of dancing lessons for his movie role as a Dick Clark-type deejay in the upcoming Grease. When Jackie yelped, he coolly never turned a hair, which is a change from his Kookie days in the parking lot at 77 Sunset Strip.

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