December 12, 1977 12:00 PM

Airborne Thatcher

Still confident that she will soon be Britain’s prime minister, Tory leader Margaret Thatcher, 52, anticipates making herself “nice and cozy” at Number 10 Downing Street. She opted for something a bit more adventuresome when she took off with the 44th Parachute Brigade on a training exercise. Decked out in a captain’s camouflage jacket, she looked authentically gung ho. But when the brigade bailed out, Thatcher remained aboard as planned—”nice and cozy”—and simply watched.

Dylan in court

Uncharacteristically attired in a banker’s three-piece, Bob Dylan, 36, turned up in a Santa Monica courtroom for a round in his child custody battle with former wife Sara Lownds, 34. (Until the final hearing she’ll have four kids—a fifth attends school in the East.) Meanwhile Dylan is holed up in the phantasmagoric Malibu retreat he and Sara built before they split (she rents a house in Beverly Hills). He is mulling a top-dollar concert tour in 1978—to help replenish his postdivorce bank account.

Jodie alla Romana

In Rome to dub her latest flick, the Italian-made II Casotto, into English for U.S. distribution, Jodie (Taxi Driver) Foster, 15, was headed out for some pasta with her producer. Coming along was American expatriate actress Sydne Rome (left). As a photographer stepped up to snap Jodie, Rome (whose baggy pants are even baggier than Jodie’s partly unzippered ones) moved into the viewfinder. “Why not?” Sydne exclaimed. “Since we’re living in a climate of feminism, it’s better to photograph two women together—the worst they can say is we’re lesbians.” Time to come home, Jodie.

Mom Rita and Yasmin

The resemblance was striking as Rita Hayworth, 59, put her arm around her beautiful daughter, Princess Yasmin Khan, 27, an aspiring Manhattan-based opera singer. (The father was the late playboy Aly Khan.) At the Century Plaza Hotel in L.A., Rita accepted the Thalians’ “Ms. Wonderful” award. The guests, welcoming the actress back from a bad year that included a spell in a California hospital for alcoholism, chanted, “We love you, Rita!” Theme of the evening, from an old Fred Astaire-Rita Hayworth dance tune, was: You Were Never Lovelier.

Alice’s weekend off

“Vince is going to be doing a lot more thinking than Alice,” swears rock star Alice Cooper, 29, a/k/a Vincent Furnier. Determined to get off booze, he recently checked into a White Plains, N.Y. hospital for rehabilitation. Nonetheless he showed up recently at Manhattan’s Studio 54. Wasn’t Alice living at the hospital anymore? Yes, but he’d just checked out on a Friday to take wife Sheryl dancing. Far from being a lost weekend, the sole stimulant was the music. Next day he returned to the hospital, where he’ll stay until he and the doctors agree he’s cured.

Vernon’s tribute

Heeding the initials “TCB” inscribed on Elvis Presley’s bronze headstone, father Vernon Presley, 62, has been “taking care of business.” Part of that involved filing an 82-page report on the singer’s assets (which included a checking account of over $1 million). Then, shortly after announcing that the Presley gravesite at Graceland mansion would be open to the public, Vernon privately offered his own tribute—a single rose, to match the one inscribed on the headstone of Gladys Presley, buried alongside her son.

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