December 05, 1977 12:00 PM

Dustin’s mystery lady

Who’s the tall mystery lady Dustin Hoffman is oiling across the dance floor? None other than Vanessa Redgrave, done up in ’20s garb for her role as the mystery lady sans pareil, Agatha Christie. According to the script for Agatha, which deals with 11 “missing days” in the late author’s life, she spent them trysting with a journalist (played by Hoffman). Not so, claim the real Dame Agatha’s heirs, who have filed for an injunction to stop the filming. How will it end? That’s one for Poirot.

Rock of Ages

He’d actually planned to celebrate his 52nd birthday (Nov. 17) on Thanksgiving, when pals like Sir John Mills, Lee Remick and Nancy Walker were invited to his house for a turkey dinner. But actor Rock Hudson got a preview. After the day’s shooting on his new TV movie Wheels (based on the Arthur Hailey best-seller), cast and crew threw him a surprise party. Rushing up to get their piece of the Rock were actresses Marlena Amey (left) and Kathy Clarke.

Lillian in Erin

Faith and begorra. The smiling eyes weren’t Irish, but the fisherman’s cap on Miss Lillian’s head sure was—a memento of her 10-day trip to Ireland. While on the auld sod, the President’s mom got to trade blarney with the likes of actress Siobhan McKenna and Prime Minister Jack Lynch.

One Burger to go

It was hardly a gesture typical of the Chief Justice, but Warren Burger, 70, clearly was hoping for victory over a lower back problem that has plagued him since youth. Draped in a snazzy Japanese robe, the jurist was wheeled off for treatment in an Arlington, Va. hospital which included traction and physiotherapy. His doctors say judiciously that Burger is making progress. An amicus curiae was more forthright; he said the Chief Justice was due back on the bench in a day or two.

Christina, all smiles

If Jackie Onassis is seldom seen at Studio 54, Manhattan’s hottest disco (PEOPLE, Nov. 28), it’s probably because stepdaughter Christina, 26, often is. Turning up at least three nights in as many weeks—with a succession of escorts—Christina has preferred to cast a Garboesque glower in the direction of picture-snapping paparazzi. But one night the music apparently got to her, and the multimillionairess, unbothered by popping flashbulbs, took to the dance floor to boogie the night away. “New York invigorates me,” she exclaimed.

Janet gets bonged

It was a takeoff on TV’s Gong Show, called The Bong Show, and among the performers who turned out to do their bit at a multiple sclerosis benefit were: the Los Angeles Rams dancing Swan Legs in purple tutus; John (Three’s Company) Ritter playing flute with his nose; the Los Angeles Lakers waltzing to the Blue Danube, and Janet Leigh with a baton-twirling act on roller skates. Despite an enthusiastic start—and an outfit that belied her 50 years—Leigh, like most of the others, got bonged before she could strut her stuff.

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