November 21, 1977 12:00 PM

Smith & Ford

Her boyfriend, Alan Lanier, was off touring with the Blue Oyster Cult, but punk rocker Patti Smith had plenty of friends after her performance at New York’s Hayden Planetarium. Among them: Jack Ford, 25, assistant publisher for Rolling Stone’s new spinoff magazine, Outside. How does the anti-Establishment performer feel about singing at a $35-a-head Establishment benefit? Says Patti, “The place is great,” and jokes, “You get stoned in the bushes outside and nobody bothers you.” But that’s not for square Jack; even buttoned-up, he’s a Marlboro man.

Papa Cornfeld

Once the most flamboyant bachelor in Beverly Hills—his 40-room mansion, Grayhall, was perpetually filled with bevies of beauties—mutual funds tycoon Bernie Cornfeld, 49, is “not giving so many parties now,” according to a member of his household staff. One reason, of course, is marriage in June 1976 to Lorraine Dillon Armbruster, 29, a sometime model and interior decorator. An even bigger reason is fatherhood. Daughter Jessica, born two months after the candlelit wedding ceremony, is now almost 15 months old. Joining the picture of domestic bliss at the mansion is Sambo, the couple’s Australian silky.

Attention, Tinkerbell!

They’ve been pals ever since he played Captain Hook to her Peter Pan onstage 23 years ago. So when urbane British actor Cyril Ritchard, 78, turned up in Chicago to play Side by Side by Sondheim while Mary Martin, 63, was there for Do You Turn Somersaults?, they met in his dressing room. When bath-robed Ritchard saw Mary’s split dress, he said, “If I’m going to show my legs, you show yours.” And quicker than you can say “I believe,” she did.

Clyde stretches out

Two years ago, while still with the New York Knicks, Walt Frazier turned to yoga to alleviate back problems his doctors could not diagnose. Now with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Frazier, 32, still performs some 21 exercises each morning and evening, and often repeats the routine—including a head-stand—in the locker room. “Clyde,” now looking for a house in Cleveland while rooming with fellow player Jim Chones and his wife, declares yoga the greatest. “There are 200 positions,” he explains, “all of them related to the spine, which is why they’re so good for me.”

Cavett’s chapeau

There’s a lot of nuzzling going on in this picture. In the foreground it’s Lee Strasberg, 76, and his wife, Anna, 38, who is wearing Dick Cavett’s hat at a party in Strasberg’s Manhattan apartment. The celebration followed a benefit performance of the play Golda for the Actors Studio, of which Strasberg is artistic director. Al Pacino, his lady, Marthe Keller, and Cavett’s hat kept the party lively. It made the rounds among the partygoers. Complained Dick mournfully as he left, “I’ll probably get scalp disease now.”

Charles hangs five

It was more like Endless Winter when Prince Charles, on the Australia leg of his Silver Jubilee world tour, decided to try some early morning surfing on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Borrowing a board, he swam 70 yards offshore to crack some boomers. As a small crowd cheered “Go, Charlie, go!” the prince more often than not wiped out, but kept at it for 45 minutes. Disappointed that the surf was not higher, he ended up more chilled than thrilled. “Bloody cold,” said Charles. “It reminds me of swimming at home.”

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