By People Staff
June 13, 1977 12:00 PM

The Davises do it again

Altovise, Sammy Davis Jr.’s wife of seven years, had been promised a romantic dinner for two for her wedding anniversary. What she got instead, when she walked into Beverly Hills’s Bistro restaurant, was some surprise—a wedding-like ceremony of “reaffirmation and renewal,” with the Rev. Jesse Jackson officiating while friends looked tearfully on. Was Sammy sublimating a seven-year itch? No, he reaffirmed, “I wanted to do something special for my lady.” Added Altovise, “It was the best of all presents.”

Hefner’s new playmate

It was the sixth year in a row that the Los Angeles Tennis and Crumpet tournament was held at Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner’s Holmby Hills estate. But this year something new was added to the annual charity event: Sondra Theodore, 20 (and 34-24-35), who is Barbi Benton’s replacement as Hef’s main girl. While some 600 amateurs enjoyed the tennis and food at $60 a head, Hefner stayed closely in touch with Sondra. Her center court performance may be in doubt, but not her centerfold qualifications. She’s the July Playboy playmate of the month.

Goolagong junior

Evonne Goolagong, once the world’s second-ranked women’s tennis player, and husband Roger Cawley proudly brought out the reason Evonne hasn’t been in action much of late—a brand-new daughter, Kelly Inalla Cawley, born by cesarean section in May, weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. The happy couple is now going ahead with plans to open a tennis club at Hilton Head, S.C., and Evonne hopes to be back on the courts this fall. As for Kelly, she may be snoozing, but that finger on her forehead is a sign that she knows a thing or two—perhaps even that her unusual middle name is aborigine for “peaceful place.”

Denver bats with Alice

It was an all-star team with a difference. There was newly bearded C & W singer John Denver playfully swinging a bat at a flinching Alice Cooper. The horseplay over, the two teammates settled down to play in a charity Softball game at the University of Nevada to raise money for the state’s Special Olympics for the mentally retarded. As it turned out, Denver wasn’t just fooling. With the help of his two base hits, the celebs’ team beat the local news media 20-19, and the 4,000 fans cheered them all the way.

Bucky’s new contacts

As he went hithering and thithering about what he calls “the spaceship Earth,” philosopher-inventor R. Buck-minster Fuller at 81 had been reduced to wearing both a hearing aid and trifocals. But recently Bucky, who lives in Carbondale, III. and is professor emeritus at two universities, stopped off in the California office of Dr. James T. Carter, where he was fitted with something he didn’t invent—soft contact trifocal lenses. Said the curious Bucky, who has been wearing glasses since he was 4½, “I see more, but it all seems smaller. I think it’s because my peripheral vision has increased.”

Margaux towers

It was a far cry from Ben Vereen’s starring role as Chicken George in Roots, but Ben showed no want of ambition. At a party to honor fashion designer Jacques Bellini at Manhattan’s fashionable Régine’s, Ben paired up with statuesque model Margaux Hemingway to jitterbug to a jazz band called the Widespread Depression. Margaux says jazz turns her on—”much more interesting than disco.” And the nimble Vereen as a dancing partner? “Great,” gushes 5’12” Margaux. “He’s fabulous.”