May 09, 1977 12:00 PM

An Amy-able reply

Sometimes even a 9-year-old doesn’t have time to answer all her mail personally. There’s homework to do, books to read, the dog to exercise—and if your dad happens to be President, diplomatic functions to attend. So here is Amy Carter’s way of dealing with her fan mail. On the front of the postcard is a picture of Amy, without her glasses, and on the back, a brief printed message in Amy’s own script, which she composed herself. The White House sends out an average of 2,000 of the nine-cent-stamped cards each week, and now there’s a growing suspicion that not all of them are going to other kids. Autograph hunters, it appears, will stop at nothing.

Douglas and Douglas

It was a two-generation outing when actor Kirk Douglas and his wife, Anne, joined their son Michael and his new wife, Diandra, for a performance of the new Broadway show I Love My Wife. Although son Michael, 32, has deserted the streets of San Francisco, he has been busy behind the cameras. Kirk, 60, isn’t exactly retired either. Among other projects, he is one of the backers of the show. No father-son rivalry here. Recently, at a Friars Club testimonial, the elder Douglas took note of Michael’s success and quipped of his own: “I made it without any help from him.”

A new York

English actor Michael York’s versatility is well established, but he’s proving it again. Last month on TV he was John the Baptist. Now he is being transformed into a “Humanimal,” one of the half-man, half-beast characters that populate The Island of Doctor Moreau. The film, based on H. G. Wells’s classic tale, will be released in July. In the meantime York was a good sport about it. How did he feel after the three “inhumanimal” hours a day required for the transformation? “I looked in the mirror,” he says, “and growled, ‘You beast.’ ”

Margaret’s Miss Mara

When she was a tyke, screen actress Margaret O’Brien was always dolled up for outings by her mother—”and I loved it,” she recalls. And so, like mother, like daughter. Maggie, now 39, and her second husband, Roy Thorsen, brought 9-month-old Mara Tolene Thorsen to Sunday brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel looking like a flawless angel in white ruffles and new bonnet. Said Margaret, who is carrying on her career and will appear next in a TV miniseries, Testimony of Two Men: “She is the one person I don’t mind upstaging me.” In her prime Mara’s mother had plenty of experience doing just that to frustrated adult actors.

Osmond bites the dust

Yes, that’s Marie Osmond holding the reins at the south end of a team of Clydesdales going north. The occasion was a groundbreaking in Sundance, Utah to celebrate a new, $2 million TV and motion picture studio the Osmonds are building. It seems that the family that earns together yearns to be together. So a studio close to their home in nearby Provo will mean Donny and Marie won’t have to spend so much time taping their shows in faraway L.A.

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