April 11, 1977 12:00 PM

Steinem toasts Tomlin

Feminist Gloria Steinem was on hand to toast actress Lily Tomlin following Tomlin’s Broadway debut in her one-woman show Appearing Nitely. Tomlin, 37, has added more than a dozen other antic impersonations to her best-known TV skits (5½-year-old Edith Ann, Ernestine the switchboard operator). “She is the Anti-Establishment Establishment,” said one critic. According to fan and friend Steinem, “It’s a new kind of feminist-humanist humor It’s not hostile, puts no one down, admits no boundaries. She can be young or old, black or white, male or female, and make you care about the person she becomes.” Lovely, Lily.

Schmidt bottoms out

Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Mike Schmidt was just doing what he was told at spring practice in Clearwater, Fla. He was in the middle of adjusting his pants when the order rang out loud and clear from strength-and-flexibility coordinator Gus Hoefling to begin calisthenics. The obedient player dropped everything and began his neck-stretching exercises. When the session was over, Schmidt finally managed to pull himself together.

Redgrave bites hubby

“We thought that 10 years of marriage in the theater was worth at least 25 in any other business,” explains actress Lynn Redgrave’s husband and manager, John Clark. So Clark and Redgrave celebrated their anniversary with a big party at New York’s new Brazilian nightspot, Cachaça, with all of their friends and their two children, Benjamin, 8, and Kelly, 7. After the cake was cut, Redgrave took a bite—right out of her husband’s thumb. “These things happen on purpose,” says Clark knowingly. “But, on the whole, it was a good bash.”

Chrissie and Burt

When Chris Evert chalked up her fourth straight Virginia Slims championship—and $50,000—in New York, one Evert fan was ecstatic. “Sensational,” exclaimed actor Burt Reynolds from his courtside seat. The actor himself had a perfect attendance record throughout the four-day matches—and, so it appeared to many, before and after them too. If Chris had Reynolds on her mind, she wasn’t about to admit it. Could be that Burt was included when Evert thanked “a couple of friends who gave me incentive to win.” But when asked about the relationship, Chris replied: “You can think whatever you want, but I won’t say a word.”

Winkler chugs water

When it comes to booze, the Fonz says sit on it—or at least don’t drink it. That’s what Henry Winkler told the U.S. Senate’s subcommittee on alcoholism and drug abuse when he testified at a hearing from California via closed circuit TV and by phone. “I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t like it in my body,” said Winkler. “I used to chug water when my college fraternity brothers were chugging beer.” He also counseled against tobacco. But nobody’s perfect, and the Fonz did admit to an occasional cigarette.

A not-so-briefcase

That’s not a lunch pail HEW Secretary Joseph Califano is carrying into the White House for a meeting with President Carter. Califano’s not-so-brief-case was full of charts relating to welfare reforms. But the secretary might have been better off if it had been filled with sandwiches. He has come under fire lately for allegedly hiring a $13,000-a-year chef and a $43,000-a-year bodyguard. Califano says that his bodyguard is a special assistant with a staff of 100 persons and a budget of $2 million. As for his chef, he was hired to cook light lunches for the busy secretary.

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