April 04, 1977 12:00 PM

Not so Tiny Tim

Entertainer Tiny Tim has been tiptoeing through more than just tulips lately. During a tonsorial session in Chicago, where he was playing in a suburban nightclub, Tim admitted he has recently added 50 lbs. He attributes the weight gain to ESP—eggplant parmigiana, spaghetti and pizza. “I was eating three 15-inch pizzas a night with onions, cheese and sauce,” he explains. Now, however, Tim is embarking on a diet: “I just bought some unsprayed peanut butter and some untoasted cashew butter.” In the meantime, as he puts it, “You can call me Tubby Tim.”

Walters dates ‘Dracula’

The man on the million-dollar arm this evening was Thomas Carroll, 57, president of Lever Bros., who escorted Barbara Walters to a fashion show benefit for the Martha Graham Dance Co. at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman. Guests paid $100 each to inspect Halston’s new summer collection. Barbara favors Halston creations and wore one for the occasion. Barbara’s motto when photographers attack is “Keep your chin up and smile.” But Carroll turned on his Dracula look—all to no avail.

Hutch’s great escape

When heartthrob David Soul, the Hutch half of TV cops Starsky and Hutch, arrived in London recently, he almost had to radio headquarters, “Officer needs assistance.” Mobbed by screaming English teenyboppers, Soul needed the help of London police to get through the madding crowd. Several Soul fans were bowled over in the process, but no one was hurt as Soul and his girl, Lynne Marta, headed for their hotel. The onetime singer loosened up his pipes again and did a concert tour through Great Britain.

Newman’s other side

While qualifying a Porsche 911S for the Florida 12 Hours of Sebring road race, actor-racer Paul Newman learned one of the hazards of racing: for medical purposes, officials require each racer to reveal certain things. Ready, Newman fans? According to the star’s helmet his age is 52, his blood type is O-positive, he had a tetanus shot in 1975, and he has no allergies. There is an exception to the latter, however—he’s allergic to newsmen, especially when he’s racing.

Cassidy hops over

Sophie the horse got her share of champagne when pop star David Cassidy hopped over to London to surprise his girlfriend, American actress Kay Lenz, 24, on her birthday. “I love her,” gushed Cassidy, “and I got fed up with her waking me every night with phone calls.” Kay, who starred in TV’s Rich Man, Poor Man, is in London for the premiere of her film, The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday. Says Kay of her surprise visitor, “David asked the hotel desk to buzz me to say a parcel had arrived from America.” Well, it wasn’t totally a put-on. Cassidy delivered a $3,500 silver fox fur coat to his sweetheart of two months.

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