March 28, 1977 12:00 PM

Bardot fights for seals

Who is Brigitte Bardot nuzzling now? Stuffed baby seal dolls with black nylon mustaches and artificial fur, that’s who. It’s all part of Bardot’s crusade to stop the slaughter of the real, little seals newly born off Newfoundland. Her first step was to drop a line to French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing urging him to help. “The United States has categorically refused to import seal furs,” she wrote. “I appeal to you, in the name of all the French, to take the same decision urgently…”

A Young model

While her husband, U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, was off diplomatizing, Jean Young, 43, became a model for the day. She popped open a parasol and donned four outfits for a fashion benefit in Atlanta to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, which specializes in cancer and sickle cell anemia. “It was a lark,” she says of her performance. “But it’s not something I’d want to do all the time.” Maybe that’s because it turned out to be an expensive afternoon—Jean couldn’t resist buying one of the outfits she modeled.

Carter meets the troupe

Since he moved into the White House, Jimmy Carter has proved quite a culture buff. He admits to listening to eight to 10 hours of classical recorded music a day and even has the Marine band playing Bach. He and the First Lady have been to see the opera Madame Butterfly at Kennedy Center, and recently they turned up again for a full-length performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the New York City Ballet. Backstage afterward, Carter told the troupe, “This was delightful.” Mobbed by youngsters who had performed in the ballet, he added, “I’ll have to bring Amy to see you.”

Travolta’s back

In New York to film Saturday Night, the movie’s star, John Travolta, a/k/a Vinnie Barbarino of Welcome Back, Kotter, was treated to his own welcome by the city. New Jersey-born Travolta, 23, and the entire cast and crew were given a “McDonald’s and champagne” reception in a Manhattan loft that will be one of the film’s locations. Travolta, who plays a disco kingpin, abstained from the bubbly because, according to him, he neither drinks nor smokes. In support of his G ratings, he says: “I haven’t any vices at all.”

Doing the Dylan hug

A host of friends, including actor Robert DeNiro and folk hero Bob Dylan (left), turned out for Ronee Blakley’s recent two-night engagement at Hollywood’s Roxy nightclub, a gig Ronee has been doing around the country ever since her quick-found stardom in Nashville. “People don’t come any better than Bob,” says Ronee of Dylan. But does her embrace betoken a romance with Dylan, whose wife has just sued for divorce? Not really. Dylan’s date for the evening was another singer, Lainie Kazan, currently appearing at L.A.’s Playboy Club.

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