By People Staff
August 30, 1976 12:00 PM

Liz’s new man

Her second divorce from Richard Burton finalized just a few weeks ago, there was Liz Taylor again hand-holding at London’s Heathrow Airport. This time the man in her life is Cary Elwes Kennedy, 12, whom she met while working on A Little Night Music. Cary, whose mother is British heiress Tessa Kennedy, a friend of Music’s producer, was around mainly to provide child support. It seems Liz injured her leg after tumbling from a motorcycle and Cary was giving her a gentlemanly hand.

Poppins is a pippin

It was Julie Andrews’ first nightclub act and there was nothing Mary Poppinsish about it. For one thing, it took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which gave Andrews and husband Blake Edwards a chance to hit the roulette tables between shows. Onstage, Julie, who got $250,000 for one week of work, proved that the only thing goody-goody about her was the pair of sensational showgirl legs that she kicked high—and frequently—over the heads of the SRO crowd.

Comaneci on wheels

They were handlebars rather than parallel bars, but 14-year-old Olympic gold medal winner Nadia Comaneci proved just as adept at maneuvering them. She tooled down a street in her hometown of Onesti, Rumania shortly after returning from a post-Olympic vacation with her teammates on the Black Sea. Nadia currently is training for the Rumanian team’s tour of the U.S. this winter. Is she trying to top the form which won her seven perfect marks in Montreal? “Well,” says Nadia, “I can improve, you know.”

John’s other life

Off the soccer field, New York Cosmos star Pelé (right) plays a mean guitar. And in his nonmusical moments, Elton John doubles as part owner of a North American Soccer League team, the Los Angeles Aztecs. When the two paired up backstage at Madison Square Garden, soccer was the subject. Pelé wished Elton luck in his team’s bid for the play-offs and Elton wished Pelé luck in his second try at making the All-Stars team. The King of Glitter Rock then went out onstage and dedicated one of his hits, Philadelphia Freedom, to the King of Soccer. P.S.: Both wishes came true.

The lord’s ladies

As Earl of Lichfield and a cousin of the Queen, 37-year-old Patrick Lichfield has photographed most of the British aristocracy. Usually the pictures appear in magazines like Vogue or Country Life. But his favorite photos may well be the ones he took recently on the lawn of his ancestral home, Shugborough, for his own family album. They are of his wife, Lady Leonora—whom he met when he photographed her as a debutante—and Lady Rose, who is not only one of Britain’s newest nobles, but his daughter of 4 weeks.