August 16, 1976 12:00 PM

The Ferry Queen

It hardly compared to the Christina, but the Staten Island ferry still brought out the salt in Jackie Onassis. Aboard for the first time in 30 years (“I came as a child when my mother took me”), Mrs. Onassis, a director of an organization dedicated to preserving old buildings, journeyed to Staten Island to tour the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. She even took the helm for a spell. Squinting into a sea breeze, Jackie O exulted, “Oh, this is great!”

Rock and Rolls

When Keith Moon (right) of the Who moved into a Malibu beach house, fellow rock star Alice Cooper dropped in for a visit. Cooper, who tools around in a brand-new $40,000 Rolls, admired his friend’s 1929 edition, which has 22-karat gold bumpers and once belonged to Francisco Franco. “Keith is so British, so conservative, he wouldn’t be seen in anything later than 1938. But he spent $100,000 on that car.” Added the practical Alice: “I told him that he should buy a Toyota.”

An unseen Teresa

The face of famed Mother Teresa crinkled into a seldom-seen smile. She is usually a woman of somber mien, as befits the subject which brought her to Philadelphia. It was the plight of the world’s hungry to which she directed the attention of the 41st International Eucharistic Congress of the Roman Catholic Church. The 65-year-old Yugoslavian-born nun found that she gets the same emotional response in the U.S. as she does amid the wretched poor of Calcutta, where throngs strain to touch her white sari and to hear her speak.

Reagans still afloat

Nancy Reagan has always viewed a man and a maid in a canoe as a surefire proposal producer. Husband Ronald didn’t pop the question while afloat (how and where he actually did is a family secret), but his wife kidded him about the idyllic scenario so much that for her 53rd birthday last month he presented Nancy with the good ship Truluv. Though all seemed serene on the pond at Reagan’s ranch near Santa Barbara, his choice of liberal Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker as a running mate has struck some GOP delegates as a dangerous list to port.

Son of Jaws?

Just as he was to begin filming Peter Benchley’s The Deep in Bermuda, Jaws star Robert Shaw, 49, took his third plunge into matrimony. His diving partner was not entirely unfamiliar, though. The new Mrs. Shaw, 37-year-old Virginia Jansen (it is her first marriage), has been his secretary since 1960. Moreover, Shaw, who already has eight children (his actress wife Mary Ure died 16 months ago), had even taken Virginia’s son Charles, 14, under his wing. “I’m not the father,” Shaw quipped before their civil ceremony, “but the villagers where I live in Ireland think I am.”

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