December 06, 1976 12:00 PM

Granddaddy Boone

“I’m in future shock,” admits Pat Boone, a grandfather for the first time at 42. He was adjusting happily to the role, however, as beaming daughter Lindy, 21, and her record promoter husband, Doug Corbin, presented him with grandson Ryan Patrick, 5 lbs. 13½ oz. at birth and with feet “so big,” says Pat, “they look like water skis.” Not content with four offspring of their own—all daughters, ages 18 to 22—Pat and wife Shirley, 42 (behind him), insist, “We could still have a son. It’s a small chance, but there are always miracles.”

Pauling puckers

What is a two-time Nobel Prize winner doing in a beret and T-shirt and getting smooched by the office staff? It seems Stanford professor emeritus Linus Pauling, 75, agreed to join in the American Cancer Society’s “Great American Smokeout,” aimed at having smokers give up cigars and cigarettes for one day. “I tried them all—cigars, cigarettes and a pipe,” Pauling admits, “but I never developed the taste. The fact was, when I was young I couldn’t afford to smoke!”

Omar comes home

There were more than just adoring women on hand to meet Omar Sharif, 44, as he wended his way through the minarets and mosques of Cairo. Even men raced to shake the hand of the Egyptian-born matinee idol who had not visited his homeland for 12 years. Apparently forgiven for such film roles as the Jewish gambler Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl, Sharif had been invited by President Anwar Sadat. It was also a chance for the Paris-based Sharif to meet with his wife, Egyptian film star Faten Hamama, whom he hadn’t seen in years. Promised Sharif: “I will return to Cairo more often.”

Tarkenton hands off

After 16 years in pro football, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton has a reputation for indestructibility. Not so solid is his 16-year marriage to former college sweetheart Elaine Merrill, mother of their three children, Melissa, 6, Matthew, 7, and Angela, 12. With the kids she departed their rented winter home in Minneapolis for Atlanta, where she has put their $260,000 house up for sale. And Fran? After confirming “We are at this point separated,” the quarterback’s attention snapped back to football—and the playoffs ahead: “Do you want to know something? Look out for Pittsburgh,” he advised.

MacLaine & Trocks

They’re not about to give Dame Mar-got any trouble, but Shirley MacLaine is obviously entertained as she camps it up with members of the all-male Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. The “Trocks,” who perform renderings of classics from Swan Lake to Nutcracker, were limbering up for a possible appearance with MacLaine on a CBS-TV special to be aired early next year. Tutu much.

New boy in Nashville

He’s been singin’ and pickin’ tunes like Take Me Home, Country Roads and Thank God I’m a Country Boy for years, but John Denver had never set foot in Nashville. Last year when he won the Country Music Association awards for best song (Back Home Again) and Entertainer of the Year, he was on tour in Australia. So when he finally arrived last week to pick up his awards from guitarist Chet Atkins, the whole clan from Minnie Pearl to Eddy Arnold to Charley Pride showed up at a bash in Denver’s honor. The tab: $10,000, picked up by RCA.

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