October 18, 1976 12:00 PM

Julie and the stars

Sporting her chic hairstyle, Julie Nixon Eisenhower showed up at a Ladies’ Home Journal 93rd-anniversary party and received warm greetings from actresses Myrna Loy (center), 71, and Maureen O’Sullivan, 65. Both ladies swapped tales about their Hollywood days, and Julie enthused over her latest literary endeavor: profiles of her own most admired list of celebrities, to be published by Simon & Schuster this spring. Included, along with Prince Charles and Golda Meir, will be spry, 80-year-old grandmother-in-law Mamie.

A Norton in Iapland

When Muhammad Ali narrowly beat Ken Norton, 31, during the latest world heavyweight title bout at Yankee Stadium, Norton wept with disappointment. But now that Ali, 34, has once again reportedly decided to hang up his gloves, Norton is feeling better. “It’s obvious why Ali retired,” he told reporters over the phone while balancing daughter Kenisha, 2 months, in his lap. “Ali knows he didn’t win the fight, and he’s very embarrassed over the wrong decision.”

Natalie and Old Vic

Old King Cole—the late singer, Nat, that is—was a merrie old soul, and so is his daughter Natalie, 25, whose career rocketed with hits like This Will Be and Mr. Melody. But it would take more than a version of her Grammy-winning pop-soul style to bring a smile to the marble face of Queen Victoria standing implacable in London’s Carlton House Terrace. Natalie thought it a good omen that she was opening at a theater called the New Victoria. Stonily the queen indicated that she was not amused.

Jack the flipper

There are 10 members of the Carter family now out stumping for Jimmy—and it’s not all grits and grins. The latest antic outburst comes from Jack, 29, a Georgia attorney, who was working for Democratic congressional challenger Cathy Costa at a breakfast fund raiser in New Jersey’s Willingboro Country Club. As Burlington County Times photographer Jon Falk raised his camera, Jack responded with a heehaw salute. Young Carter went on to explain that his daddy’s campaign backslide had now “bottomed out.” Those at the breakfast were left with just that impression.

Thomases together

It was All in the Thomas Family when daughter Mario, 38, joined Danny Thomas on the set to film an episode for his NBC series, The Practice, produced by bearded son Tony Thomas, 29. The scene turned out to be heavy. Danny, who plays the doc, has to tell Mario that she will die unless a tumor is removed. After some scripted tears both broke into spontaneous sobs. The togetherness continued. Boasted Mario’s proud father, “I haven’t worked with her for seven years. She’s a perfectionist.”

Three for the road

It has been 14 years since Dorothy Lamour last teamed up with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby for one of their famed Road movies—but their paths keep crossing. Most recently it was at a showbiz do-gooders Thalians Awards Ball to honor Dorothy. After Bing and Hope bestowed brotherly kisses, the threesome reaffirmed plans to unite for yet another fling, this time in something called Road to Tomorrow. Only problem is they keep announcing plans, but so far nothing’s definite. Besides, says Lamour, she’s only interested “if the part is right, I’m available, and the money is right.” What sarong, Dorothy?

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