July 16, 2001 12:00 PM

Art lovers Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley added a splash of color to an exhibit in L.A. Asked if the handholding duo shared more than an interest in paintings, reps for both had no comment.

Showstoppers: After wrapping their remake of Ocean’s 11 on this side of the pond, cohorts Brad Pitt (with wife Jennifer Aniston) and George Clooney made waves in Milan, where they checked out Giorgio Armani’s 2002 menswear collection. Other VIP attendees included Samuel L. Jackson (right), whose Shaft threads were designed by Armani, and an elegantly attired Ashley Judd. “Actors like me,” the Italian couturier later explained, “because I let them be normal.”

With her Pearl Harbor song “There You’ll Be” atop the charts, Faith Hill, whose third child is due in January, decided that she wanted to be…shopping, in L.A.

In L.A., Dances with Wolves and The Postman actress Anne Costner, 17, took direction—Smile!—from dad Kevin Costner, who has been in a movie or two himself.

Mr. T wannabe: Actor Ryan Phillippe showed his best sides to the public at the L.A. premiere of wife Reese Witherspoon‘s new comedy, Legally Blonde.

In New York City for the premiere of A.I. Artificial Intelligence, costars Frances O’Connor (from left) and Sam Robards joined director Steven Spielberg, who shared some secret intelligence with their onscreen pseudo-son Haley Joel Osment. “Memorization isn’t too hard,” says Osment, 13, who had no trouble shouldering his leading big-screen role after turns in The Sixth Sense and Pay It Forward. Meanwhile, A.I. costar Jude Law (below, far right), who plays a gigolo in the film, arrived with his wife, actress Sadie Frost, and model Kate Moss, who brought boyfriend Jefferson Hack, cofounder of the British magazine Dazed & Confused.

Moulin Rouge crooner Ewan McGregor and his wife, Eve, a production designer who is expecting their second child in October, attended a party for London’s Serpentine Gallery. McGregor reprises his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode II, due next summer.

Keeping cool, Luke Perry demonstrated his reach as an actor in Manhattan, where he stepped into the role (and the boxers) of Brad Majors in the Broadway revival of The Rocky Horror Show. His run ends July 29.

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