January 25, 1999 12:00 PM

Designing women: While sister Stella, 27, rises in the fashion world, Heather McCartney, 36, got by with a little help from her dad, Paul, as she unveiled her new housewares line at the AmericasMart show in Atlanta. Said proud Papa: “It’s what Linda would have liked. I know that.”

Take a bow: At New York City’s Carnegie Hall, acting virtuoso Meryl Streep posed with costars Gloria Estefan (left) and Angela Bassett while shooting scenes for her next movie, 50 Violins. In the film, Streep plays a violin instructor in Harlem.

So what is the well-dressed biker wearing this season? Harrison Ford, in Miami filming the drama Random Hearts, opted for the designer suit and stylish novelty helmet. Hearts, due this summer, costars Kristin Scott Thomas.

The world’s unlikeliest zebra: Ex-tennis star John McEnroe (above, with Kiefer Sutherland), who has occasionally remarked on what he perceived to be the shortcomings of certain referees, donned stripes himself at a celeb hockey game in Manhattan to benefit the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Other slap-happy stars: Tim Robbins (right) and Scott Wolf (below).

Which is witch? At a first anniversary party for TEEN PEOPLE in L.A., Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’s Melissa Joan Hart (left) smiled and said “cheese” with costars Lindsay Sloane, Jenna Leigh Green and Tara Charendoff.

In Washington, D.C., while the Senate did a solemn impeachment dance, tango enthusiast Robert Duvall performed at a White House dinner. “I’ll never look at you the same way again, Robert,” said President Clinton.

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