By People Staff
February 16, 1976 12:00 PM

Blimey, Shirley

Shirley MacLaine wanted to show all of London, and not just the Palladium audiences viewing her stage debut outside the U.S., that at 41 she still can-can. Her musical and dance show will travel to France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Austria and Mexico before returning to the U.S. for a Las Vegas appearance. The traveling act, she hopes, will rate better than the woman-on-the-street critique she’s getting for this pole-ish joke.

Madame’s eagle eye

It was, the late cosmetics queen Helena Rubinstein allowed, “an incredibly bold, domineering interpretation of what I never imagined I looked like.” Nonetheless, Graham Sutherland’s larger-than-life portrait (she was only 4’10”) of Madame at age 88 became her favorite. Now on display, along with 12 other likenesses at the Metropolitan Museum, it did not intimidate niece and protégée Mala Rubinstein, 67, although the likeness did explain an underling’s remark: “Even though you knew she was dead, it still scared you.”

Bucky meets Bucky

Not everyone gets to see his life jiggling before his eyes. But at a National Arts Club dinner in Manhattan, innovator R. Buckminster Fuller, 80 (left), not only received the club’s gold medal but, thanks to Bil Baird (center), was treated to a puppet-show biography entitled Bucky Bounces. Among Baird’s cast of 40 was a marionette of Fuller, which Baird created for a party back in 1937. The resemblance is there; now, which Bucky can say “geodesic dome”?

Burton for Perkins

At Manhattan’s Plymouth Theatre, it was a bit like changing horses in mid-run. For 10 weeks, Richard Burton will replace Anthony Perkins in the plum role of psychiatrist Martin Dysart in Equus. Burton is eager to qualify for the yet-to-be-cast Hollywood version. When an upstaged Perkins, who will collect a tidy settlement, departed, Burton soliloquized to cast and crew (sample: “I’m going to milk those greedy pauses till they’re udderless”). He said a friend had advised him and Liz Taylor to avoid limousines and get around in unostentatious taxis. Burton snorted: “She doesn’t know what one is. The word ostentation was coined when she came out of the womb.”

Exit Moynihan?

It’s back to class for Daniel (“Pat”) Moynihan, 48, the kid from Hell’s Kitchen. After seven months of “raising hell” at the U.N., he told President Ford that the end of his leave as professor of government at Harvard, and not any differences with erstwhile academic colleague Henry Kissinger (“We’re old friends”), forced him to resign. Meanwhile, there was talk that Moynihan, who has been likened to Wyatt Earp for his belligerence in U.N. debate, may be headed for another shootout—as a Democrat in New York’s 1976 Senate race vs. incumbent James Buckley.

Bogey Joe

Palm Springs is far from the madding (and, given the Jets’ record this season, just plain mad) crowds of Shea Stadium. And that may be one reason why Joe Namath, who has asked to be dealt by New York to the powerful Los Angeles Rams, is smiling. Shod in his trademark white shoes, Joe sauntered through the American Airlines Golf Classic for football and baseball players. Maybe Joe was a little too casual. He and his partner, Yankee catcher Thurman Munson, finished a relaxed 23 strokes behind the winners.