By People Staff
June 21, 1976 12:00 PM

Rose and the gardener

Just one month shy of 86, Rose Kennedy likes to keep fit with dips in the pool and occasionally forays into the sea in front of the Kennedy Palm Beach estate. Her only worry is sun wrinkles, and she wears tapes to protect her skin, tearing them off only when a photographer approaches. Another kind of protection is provided by two security guards and the gardener, George Cox, a burly ex-weightlifter (he picked up no titles) who now tends the half acre of grounds and also accompanies Rose on her seaside dips.

Toothsome twosome

The water down Mexico way affects everybody differently, which is maybe why Candice Bergen, daughter of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, drinks soda pop on location. Or maybe Candice and her co-star, Edward Albert, son of actor Eddie Albert, are natural-born jackanapeses with a taste for ham. They’re in Puerto Vallarta making a movie, The Domino Principle, about assassins and the CIA. It isn’t their first time together. “Candice,” says Albert, “was the only actor’s child I knew when I was growing up.”

Julie’s Sound

It’s been 28 years since Julie Andrews, then a buck-toothed 12-year-old, first sang on the British stage—and 23 years since she last played London’s Palladium. Facing an English audience has gotten no easier. Says Julie, who starts each day’s stage rehearsals with a half-hour exercise routine, “It’s been like preparing for the Olympics.” But in other ways Julie, whose husband, Blake Edwards, is over there with her directing The Pink Panther Strikes Again, is all grown up. “I hope I’m less square,” she says. “Sexually explicit scenes in movies are a tremendous turn-on for me.”

Margrethe remembers

The Virgin Islands have been American since 1917 (bought from Denmark for $25 million), but St. Thomas was settled by Danish traders back in 1672. Denmark’s Queen Margrethe, who has been touring the U.S. with her husband, Prince Henrik, was not about to overlook a former Danish colony. Stopping over at St. Thomas on her way home, she was royally feted by silver-haired Governor Cyril King in Charlotte Amalie, which also happens to be the name of a 17th-century Danish Queen, restored as the capital’s name by popular acclaim in 1937.

Bruce springs onstage

“It’s a party night and I just came for a good time,” said rock star Bruce Springsteen at the Greenwich Village get-together held last week by Craw-daddy to celebrate the music magazine’s tenth anniversary. But toward the wee hours, Bruce couldn’t resist the beat of his old buddies and sprang onstage to join the New Jersey band, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Actress Diane Keaton, jazz singer Phoebe Snow and former senator Eugene McCarthy were among the celebs who showed up earlier, but left before Springsteen’s impromptu performance.