May 17, 1976 12:00 PM

Jane plays “Jane”

Under the jazzy Elton John-style, heart-shaped specs and curly brown Afro wig lurks the real Jane Fonda—still as politically active as ever. The getup was for her role in the new film Dick and Jane—her first American movie since her Oscar-winning performance in Klute five years ago. She and co-star George Segal are suburbanite bank robbers who have a dog called—uh-huh—Spot. But between takes, La Fonda could be seen, bag of dimes in hand, rushing out to telephone booths to make fund-raising appeals for her husband Tom Hayden’s current California Senate race.

Lady Bird’s roundup

When Lady Bird Johnson rang the dinner bell and yelled, “Come on, y’all,” 600 friends of the late Lyndon Johnson came from just about everywhere to the banks of the Pedernales to gobble up 696 pounds of barbecued beef and guzzle 160 gallons of Lone Star beer. The LBJ Ranch Benefit raised another $125,000 for the LBJ Memorial Grove on the Potomac. An unforgettable moment: Carol (Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend) Channing tossing fake diamonds up to Brooke Astor and the Laurance Rockefellers as they snatched for them from their perches high atop bales of hay.

And now, Sir Harold

A month after his surprise decision to retire to Parliament’s back bench after nearly eight off-and-on years as Great Britain’s Labor Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, 60, has been named a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. On June 14 he will kneel before Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle to be dubbed Sir Harold. Unperturbed by Laborites who have criticized him for accepting so soon after his resignation, a smiley former PM repaired to the Scilly Isles accompanied by his Labrador, Paddy.

Ah so, Liz-san

Back in Manhattan almost three months since her latest split with husband Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor bypassed the Plymouth Theatre where Burton was winding up his limited run in Equus. Instead, she zipped over to the Winter Garden to see Pacific Overtures, the latest Stephen Sondheim musical offering. Backstage after the performance, East met West as, in a new short hairdo, Taylor warmly congratulated Overtures’ far-from-inscrutable star, actor Soon-Tech Oh.

Busted, busted

So far, TV’s Mary Hartman has been held hostage by a mass murderer, cheated on by her impotent husband, seen her best friend’s career go down the drain and experienced about one breakdown a week. As if that weren’t enough, Louise Lasser, the star of the hit soap opera takeoff (which is winding up its first season), is now—in a real-life drama of her own—charged with possession of cocaine. In typical Mary Hartman fashion, Lasser, Woody Allen’s ex-wife, got peeved when a Beverly Hills boutique would not take her credit card. The shop called police, and a routine check showed two outstanding traffic warrants, one for making an illegal left turn in 1974. On checking her purse, police found the white stuff.

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