August 12, 1996 12:00 PM

At the Olympics in Atlanta, First Daughter Chelsea Clinton hobnobbed with singer and funkmeister George Clinton at the House of Blues, the après-Games in-spot. James Brown, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business (with Dream Teamer Scottie Pippen, below), rocked the House, while TV’s Drew Carey made like the Most Patriotic Man in Showbiz.

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone looked a tad paunch-drunk while filming Copland in New York City with Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta (behind De Niro, right). Sly has packed on 25 pounds to play a cop in the drama, perhaps taking a cue from De Niro, whose heavyweight role in Raging Bull won him an Oscar.

Howard Stern jockeyed for position with costar Mary McCormack (Murder One) while shooting a scene for Private Parts, the biopic based on his bestseller, in Manhattan. The radio shock jock plays himself and McCormack plays his wife, Alison.

Little Mara Wilson (below, left), 9, who plays the title character in the new movie Matilda, took in the L.A. premiere of the kid comedy with costar Kiami Davael, 9. Also waltzing to Matilda was actress Ellen Barkin, who brought along her children Jack, 6, and Romy, 3.

Barkin’s ex (and the father of her little darlings) Irish actor Gabriel Byrne disembarked at the L.A. airport with Sabrina’s Julia Ormond in tow. The pair recently co-starred in Smilla’s Sense of Snow, due next February, but remain mum about their rumored romance.

Model Cindy Crawford went chic-to-chic with designer Isaac Mizrahi during a benefit he hosted at his Manhattan showroom for EOS, a nonprofit New Age musical ensemble.

Quinton Reynolds, 7 (Dad is Burt), clowned around with mom Loni Anderson before seeing the real thing at a performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in L.A.

Nash Bridges’ Don Johnson cemented his place in Hollywood when he received star No. 2,069 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Telling fans that he used to walk the Walk when he first came to town in the early 1970s, Johnson added, “If anyone had told me I’d be here now, I would have asked them what they were smoking—then I would have asked for some.” Tin Cup, Johnson’s new film with Kevin Costner, opens Aug. 16.

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