September 30, 1996 12:00 PM

Meg Ryan worked herself into a leather yelling at Matthew Broderick, though just for a scene in Addicted to Love, a romantic comedy the two are currently shooting in New York City, due next year.

Tom Cruise got cheeky with his mate, the elegant Nicole Kidman, at the Venice Film Festival, where her Portrait of a Lady was favorably received.

“We really do live in an age where nothing is impossible,” said Christopher Reeve (with wife Dana) at a California benefit for spinal cord research.

It was heir versus hair as Prince Charles checked out the crowning glory on a spiky chap in Birmingham, England. Charles was making the rounds on behalf of his Prince’s Youth Business Trust, a group aiding entrepreneurs. No word on whether Charles thought the punker’s net was gross.

For years Johnny Carson has been promising Fay Gordon—the woman who taught him penmanship in Norfolk, Neb., once a week from the third to the eighth grade—that he would visit her in Norfolk on her 100th birthday. She kept her part of the bargain, and he kept his.

The morning after she was named the 76th Miss America, Tara Dawn Holland celebrated in the Atlantic City surf. “I did sleep in my crown,” the 23-year-old Kansan told the Washington Post. “It was very comfortable.”

MTV’s Dan Cortese may have felt more Atlas than athlete at MTV’s Rock N’ Jock B-Ball Jam in Irvine, Calif. The event raised $50,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

Debra Winger and son Noah, 9 (Dad is Timothy Hutton), flocked to the Manhattan premiere of Fly Away Home, a film about a girl who cares for orphaned geese.

Italian dressing was splashed around liberally when designer Giorgio Armani (below, with Winona Ryder) opened two new Armani shops in Manhattan. Armani’s army of fans, including Mira Sorvino (right, with Ashley Judd in long dress), turned out in even greater numbers a night later for an Armani-sponsored concert, where the performers included Sheryl Crow and Eric Clapton (bottom right, with Mike Tyson).

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