September 02, 1996 12:00 PM

Comedian Rita Rudner must have thought she was at summer vamp when she arrived at the Los Angeles premiere of A Very Brady Sequel, the latest movie based on those preternaturally perky practitioners of TV family values.

Jane Fonda’s cheek got a workout when son Troy, 23 (dad is Tom Hayden), gave Mom a congratulatory peck after Shape magazine singled out the indefatigable aero-bicizer for its first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award in Los Angeles. Fonda’s gift to Western civ, according to the mag? The exercise video.

Rookie TV star Dennis Rodman (see page 46) showed how to be Bad as I Wanna Be by announcing he would get married in New York City and then showing up in a horse-drawn carriage as his own beautiful bride. At a church? No, at a bookstore, where the Chicago Bull signed copies of his bestselling book.

Spouses Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick found time for a smooch at a premiere screening in Manhattan of Losing Chase, a drama currently airing on Showtime. Bacon directed Sedgwick and Helen Mirren in the movie, with Sedgwick doing double duty as Chase’s executive producer.

Kids aren’t supposed to give a parent the boot, but Jeff Bridges figured pappy Lloyd Bridges wouldn’t mind if he presented him with his Golden Boot Award in honor of Lloyd’s work in such westerns as High Noon and TV’s The Loner. The event, in L.A., raised $250,000 for the Motion Picture and Television Fund.

It takes a village, or at least a First Family, to blow out the candles on a 50th-birthday cake for President Bill Clinton. Hillary beamed as Chelsea, 16, and Bill huffed and puffed and brought down the house at the Sheraton New York Hotel, site of the first of three fund-raising parties they attended in the Big Apple. Later, the Prez was saluted at Radio City Music Hall in a show emceed by Whoopi Goldberg (right, with beau Frank Langella), featuring songs by Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett and Carly Simon. Wishing Clinton many happy returns were Olympic Gold Medalists Kerri Strug and Carl Lewis (bottom right) as well as rocker Jon Bon Jovi (left, with wife Dorothea). Afterward, the Clintons and 600 guests sat down to a $10,000-per-plate dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria. The birthday bashes helped to fetch an estimated $10 million for the campaign. Think of the thank-you notes!

Dean Cain (below) proved Superman is a real swinger when he and other boys of prime time played ball in the 38th Annual Hollywood Stars Game, in Los Angeles’s Dodger Stadium. This year the blue team, whose roster included, appropriately, NYPD Blues own Nicholas Turturro (right), edged the white team by a nail-biting score of 2-1.ER’s Noah Wyle (below, right), a member of the losing white team, did all he could by making a key out when he caught a fly.

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