By People Staff
June 24, 1996 12:00 PM

Alicia Silverstone (above) was nearly bowlered over by jolly NBA giant Shaquille O’Neal at the MTV Movie Awards in L.A. She took two trophies, including best female performance for Clueless, while Braveheart’s Mel Gibson (with presenter Jamie Lee Curtis) won for directing the best action sequence. Shaq, who was a presenter, portrays a rapping genie in Kazaam, coming July 17.

Harrison Ford side-swiped Brad Pitt (with gun) for a piece of the action—who could get mad at Brad?—while filming a scene for Devil’s Own in New York City. In the thriller, due this winter, Ford plays a cop who takes an affable Irish émigré (Pitt) into his home, only to find out the boarder has a secret past that will put both of them in the line of fire.

It was school days again for Paul McCartney and Queen Elizabeth as he escorted Her Majesty through his old school, now—thanks in part to the singer’s $2 million gift—the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. As for murmurs that he’s in line for a knighthood, McCartney said only, “It’s too embarrassing to think about, isn’t it?”

“This is my first show as a 35-year-old!” proclaimed Melissa (“I Want to Come Over”) Etheridge, who celebrated at a concert near Boston. She was one of 24 acts, including Seal, Bryan Adams and Joan Osborne, to perform during an 11-hour concert that partially benefited the Genesis Fund, which helps kids with birth defects.

In L.A., Steven Spielberg (left, with makeup artist Mike Smithson in rear corner) checked out a newly alienated Michael Jackson as his pal prepared to film 2 Bad, a video directed by Stan Winston (right).

Paired in plaid, Twister’s Helen Hunt and her beau, The Birdcage’s Hank Azaria, gravitated in L.A. to Gravity Shoes, a new comedy about showbiz. The play stars Richard Kind, one of Hunt’s colleagues on NBC’s Mad About You.

Singer Amy Grant swung into action at a charity softball game in Nashville featuring country music stars. The match, played at the Music City’s newly built Greer Stadium, benefited the local City of Hope National Medical Center. Grant said playing in Greer was just swell, explaining, “The bathrooms are clean, and there’s no gum under the seats.”

Super man Christopher Reeve (top, with wife Dana Morosini) turned super host at a three-day Celebrity Sports Invitational in Dorado, P.R., at which more than $300,000 was raised for the American Paralysis Association. Also there: Patty Hearst Shaw (above), who attended with husband Bernard and daughters Gillian, 15, and Lydia, 11. Reeve’s pal Robin Williams (left, seated, with Spy Hard’s Pat Morita) bid heavily at the charity auction, winning a walk-on part on NYPD Blue for Dana’s parents. “She’s living proof that angels don’t all have wings,” Williams says of Morosini. “I’d need a thesaurus to say everything I want to say about her.” Later, onstage, Reeve joked to the crowd, “I want to thank Yamaha for trying to rig up a wave runner for me.”