By People Staff
June 26, 1995 12:00 PM

Nobody would want to celebrate Batman Forever, but for just one night? Sure! All the stars of the film, the third in the series, showed for its L.A. premiere. If you’re thinking Michael Keaton—stop! in the name of the new Caped Crusader, Val Kilmer (right). A glistening Nicole Kidman (below), who plays a shrink obsessed with Batman, came equipped with her own superhero, newly shorn husband Tom Cruise. Afterward, Kilmer skipped the big party to get back to his wife, Scarlett’s Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, and their new son—no name provided at press time—who was born on June 6 in Sante Fe.

Other Batman Forever stars riddling the premiere included the latest villains, Two-Face Tommy Lee Jones (above), who arrived with son Austin, 11, and wife Kimberlea, and Jim Carrey (right), who shared his Riddler’s green with his steady, Dumb and Dumber costar Lauren Holly. Nice guy Chris O’Donnell (below), who in no way lays an egg as Robin, brought about 30 of his Boston College buddies to the festivities, as well as girlfriend Caroline Fentress.

Proving himself yet again on the field of dreams, Kevin Costner came out swinging when he practiced with the varsity at his old school, Cal State-Fullerton. He earned a marketing degree there in 1978.

As if she doesn’t have enough pals on her hit sitcom, Friends star Courteney Cox Arquette made another, singer Chris Isaak, while emceeing the MTV Movie Awards in L.A. Isaak’s new Forever Blue album is already a Top 40 hit.

Connie Stevens brought daughters Joely Fisher (left), who stars on TV’s Ellen, and Tricia Lee Fisher, in need of air-kiss traffic control, aboard for a yacht party she threw in New York City to launch her new perfume, Kali.

Most likely the real Pocahontas needed an orthodontist, but not so Irene Bedard, the actress who provides the maiden’s voice in the new animated Disney epic. At the film’s Los Angeles opening, she was flanked by Ellen Barkin (left) and Jodie Foster.

Alexis Arquette (right), one of the drag queens featured in Wigstock: The Movie and brother to Rosanna, Patricia and David, shed some fabulousness on Jason Gould, son of Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould, at the L.A. opening of the movie, a tress-umentary of the annual cross-dressing festival in downtown Manhattan.

Celebrating the centennial of the Venice Biennale, not just any old modern-art exhibition, in Italy, Princess Diana proved herself a perennial beauty in a beaded dress by Jacques Azagury.