August 01, 1994 12:00 PM

Comedian Carol Burnett, 61, gave cool-again crooner Tony Bennett, 67, a gamful during the Los Angeles taping of her upcoming CBS variety special, Men, Movies & Carol. Over on MTV, Bennett’s own Unplugged is a hit.

Actress Lily Tomlin, 54, struck an oddly convincing pose—as a homeless man—on the Brooklyn set of the improvisational Blue in the Face. The film took just three days to shoot and also stars Harvey Keitel, Roseanne (Arnold) and Michael J. Fox.

W.C. Fields, who cautioned against working with children or dogs, wouldn’t have gone anywhere near the New York City premiere of Lassie, where Art Garfunkel’s look-alike son, James, 3, stole the show with the top dog of the day.

Natasha Richardson, 31, and Liam Neeson, 42, aren’t calling it a honeymoon, but when a pair heads to Saint-Tropez soon after their July 3 wedding in New York City and gaze into each other’s eyes like this, well, darn it, it looks like a honeymoon to us.

The fetching fellow in tights with Fergie, 34, is Eric Clapton, 49, girded for competition in the Extremely Trivial Pursuit, a four-day treasure hunt that benefits a London substance-abuse center.

Touch football’s out, soccer’s in. No doubt inspired by World Cup mania, John F. Kennedy Jr., 33, kicked off his weekend in Hyannis Port, Mass., by showing some fancy footwork (and a little bit more) during a July 15 pickup soccer match at a pal’s house near the Kennedy compound. It was a boy thing, with Daryl Hannah nowhere in sight.

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