By People Staff
September 05, 1994 12:00 PM

In Dallas, at yet another restaurant opening for the ubiquitous Planet Hollywood chain, newly single Roseanne (left) was overheard asking Anna Nicole Smith, newly wed to Texas oil baron J. Howard Marshall II, 89, “Does your new husband have an older brother for me?”

At a Manhattan poetry reading, Marisa Tomei (The Paper) and Ethan Hawke (Reality Bites) model the all-black beatnik style, showing, daddy-o, that they’re serious about art or at least charity—the reading benefited Doctors Without Borders, a group doing relief work in Rwanda.

Say spray skirt, everyone. Despite whatever else it may look like, a chivalrous John F. Kennedy Jr. was helping a lithesome seafaring pal (above and right) into her kayak skirt (designed to hook over a kayak and keep water out) on a recent outing in the waters off Cape Cod, Mass. She is believed to be longtime friend and Calvin Klein publicist Carolyn Bessette. The two have been spotted having some multiple aquatic experiences recently, leading John-John watchers everywhere to think that Daryl Hannah may be permanently paddling her own canoe.

Actress Ashley Judd (left) and country star Wynonna showed true sisterly love at the opening of Country Star Hollywood, a C&W theme restaurant in L.A. Wynonna, who is almost five months pregnant, has lent the cafe her 1992 turquoise Harley to display—until the baby is born.

The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno and wife Mavis attended the Andover, Mass., funeral for his father, Angelo, 83, who died of heart disease Aug. 17. When he returned to the air, Leno paid his dad the highest compliment: “Nobody was brought up righter than I was,” he said. When things got tough, his dad would say, “You fight the good fight, son.”

With hopes of slip, sliding his way back to home plate, singer-songwriter Paul Simon stepped up to bat at the Artists & Writers Softball Game in East Hampton, N.Y. Unfortunately, Simon’s team, Writers, chalked up a 5 to 6 loss to Artists in the annual charity game.