January 10, 1994 12:00 PM

Hot Oscar prospects Daniel Day-Lewis (The Age of Innocence) and Emma Thompson (The Remains of the Day) hooked up at the Dublin premiere of their drama, In the Name of the Father, about four people wrongly accused of an IRA bombing.

A frequent fugitive from the press, Tommy Lee Jones attended the L.A. premiere of Oliver Stone’s Heaven and Earth with wife Kimberlea. Jones stars as a war-weary sergeant in the romantic epic, told from the viewpoint of a Vietnamese woman.

Sister Act 2’s Whoopi Goldberg finds nunsense habit-forming. She joined the new comedy’s backup choir, the Singing Nuns, at New York City’s Planet Hollywood to sing a rousing rendition of the Temptations’ “Ball of Confusion.” And it doesn’t look like they’ll need to pray too hard for the sequel’s success: It’s No. 5 at the box office.

Peter Norton, who recently directed an episode of the ABC series Birdland, has found another porpoise in life. He joined Bob Saget (left) and others lobbying for the release of three captured dolphins being kept at the Kettenburg Marina in San Diego.

Eddie Murphy settled in with wife Nicole at the L.A. premiere of Philadelphia, but the musically inclined comic’s “Party All the Time” days aren’t over. Murphy will tour Japan in late January, performing with his band, Psychedelic Psoul.

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