November 29, 1993 12:00 PM

Bridget Fonda watched as boyfriend Eric Stoltz divined that this year’s Hollywood Legacy Award fete was a family affair. The honorees included Shirlee, Peter, Jane and Bridget Fonda, along with Frances, Kris and Candice Bergen.

Marathon Man: John F. Kennedy Jr. was among those who tracked New York City marathoners’ progress last week, from a curb in Central Park. He appeared to be watching with an unidentified pal (left). Meanwhile, Daryl Hannah spent the week in L.A.

Rock-a-bye baby Renee Slewart, 17 months, kept time with her dad, Rod (middle), at the Ritz Theater in Elizabeth, N.J. Stewart took a break from his U.S. tour to join British rocker Sting (left) and Canadian Bryan Adams in shooting the video of their new song, “All for Love,” from the No. 1 box office hit The Three Musketeers.

Eric Roberts (yes, he’s Julia’s big brother) snuggled with his actress wife, Eliza, at Tatou, a trendy Manhattan nightspot. The couple will star in Love Is a Gun, a thriller due out next year.

Hollywood Knights Alfonso Ribeiro (left) and Will Smith, who have day jobs with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, had a hand in a 122-94 win over the Alemany High faculty in a benefit for the school.

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