By People Staff
Updated November 24, 1975 12:00 PM

Telly causes a Führer

As TV’s Kojak, Telly Savalas fights for truth, justice and the American way, but he also knows how to play meanies (remember Maggott in The Dirty Dozen?). So, while on the German set of a new World War II film, Inside Out, Savalas, who impersonates an American officer, borrowed some makeup and some hair and with the help of a crew member became for the moment a fleshy Adolf Hitler. In real life, Telly won a Purple Heart in World War II. Back then he carried Hershey bars, not lollipops.

Luci in polkadots

Now that she’s a matronly 28, Luci Johnson Nugent must feel that modesty becomes her. While hoisting a banner to mark a “Women in Public Life” symposium in Austin, Tex., the mother of three donned a swimming costume popular at the turn of the century. She explained that this was not her first public outing in bathing attire. The last time she posed was a calculated effort to lure newsmen from smoke-filled rooms to the beach at Atlantic City, when her father, President Lyndon, captured the 1964 Democratic nomination.

Armstrong’s kind cut

“That’s one small snip for mankind,” joshed Neil Armstrong as he cut a ribbon to dedicate a new $100,000 planetarium at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History. The first man to walk on the moon, now 45, has for the past four years been a professor in the aerospace department at the University of Cincinnati. Thus armed with knowledge both practical and theoretical, Armstrong helped launch the planetarium with a lecture on stars he has been closer to than most.

Reddy hosts Brown

“Jerry Brown (left) comes to our house often,” explained Jeff Wald, husband-manager of pop star Helen Reddy (right), “but he likes smaller parties. We do his entertaining for him because he doesn’t do any on his own.” The austere California governor, 37, had managed to tear himself away long enough to attend a black-tie bash at Beverly Hills’ Bistro honoring Lord Harlech (Jackie Kennedy’s ex-beau) and his Lady. But while Brown took the time to caucus with his hostess, he showed up in pinstripes rather than dinner clothes “because I’m not staying for dinner.” That’s no way to treat a lady.

Kiss for Kate

“It was a big thrill,” said Ralph Helpbringer, president of the upcoming New Year’s Day Tournament of Roses, measuring his words carefully. “For me, for her, for everyone.” And why not? This year’s tournament theme will be, “America, Let’s Celebrate!” And who better for Grand Marshal than Kate Smith, famed for her rendition of God Bless America. To show his appreciation, Helpbringer lined up with Rose Queen Anne Martin, 18, and gave the 66-year-old “Songbird of the South” a little peck.

Diana’s Chudney

When Diana Ross was lead vocalist for the Supremes, one of the group’s big hits was the plaintive Baby Love. Now, for the third time, Diana has proved that she practices what she sings. The addition of 7-lb. 13-oz. Chudney makes it three daughters for the 31-year-old singer-actress and husband Robert Silberstein, 29, an artist’s manager (though not Diana’s). And with those genes, maybe Chudney and older sisters Rhonda Suzanne, 4, and Tracee Joy, 3, just might someday form a trio. Supreme idea, right?

Calley speaks

After a year of freedom, former Army Lieut. William Calley Jr.—who served 35 months’ house arrest for the 1968 “Mylai massacre” in which at least 22 Vietnamese were killed—has taken his case to the lecture circuit. In a rambling speech and question-and-answer period at Arizona State University, Calley—whose Georgia construction firm is now out of business—declared “I was a coward. I couldn’t have backed out [from the attack] if I wanted to because I believed in this nation.” He also criticized Americans for viewing the Vietnam war “almost like a soap opera,” adding, “If you thought soldiers were out there to make policy I or friends, you missed the entire war.”