October 26, 1992 12:00 PM

Check out the Kasem family—Jean of The Tortellis, Liberty, 2, and Casey of radio’s Casey’s Top 40—at a Cirque du Soleil benefit in Santa Monica. And for more of Jean’s sartorial splenditude, see page 134.

Before they started gunning for the Oval Office, both George Bush and Bill Clinton enjoyed kinder, gentler times. But who was cuter? Well, in a Playskool survey of kids ages 5 to 10, a landslide 61 percent voted for the Arkansas Governor (near right).

Stare way to heaven? In an upcoming Cheers, Belie Neuwirth and TV hubby Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) arrive at such a marital impasse that he’s driven to crawl out on a building ledge. That cliffhanger airs during next month’s sweeps.

Trading harestyle tips at the ribbon cutting for a Warner Bros. store in Santa Monica were Steven Seagal (left) and Bugs Bunny. Right now, Seagal’s the reigning thumper: His Under Siege opened at No. 1 with a $14.1 million take the first weekend.

Melissa Gilbert is married to actor-playwright Bo Brinkman. But for the Los Angeles premiere of the British play Run for Your Wife, she had a neighborly night out with a fellow who lives just down the street, Bruce Boxleitner.

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