January 13, 1992 12:00 PM

Slack time: Danny Glover makes sartorial adjustments between takes while on location for Lethal Weapon III in Los Angeles. The movie, due this summer, reunites Glover with his fellow cop Mel Gibson.

Barbra Streisand and her son, Jason Gould, 25, attended the premiere of her movie The Prince of Tides, in L.A. Critics generally agree that Jason, who also plays her son in the film, seems to have a way with the role.

Don’t worry, she’s with the band: Kathleen Turner joined husband Jay Weiss at Manhattan’s China Club to belt some rock and roll. A real-estate exec turned music producer, Weiss, by night, fronts a band called the Suits.

No longer camera shy, Kiefer Sutherland publicly displayed his affection for his new girlfriend, actress Lisa Stothard, at the L.A. opening of JFK. Kiefer’s pop, Donald, plays a Deep Throat-like source in the movie.

Marilyn Quayle may have won the gallop poll, but she came in sixth in the competition at the National Cutting Horse Association’s celebrity roundup in Fort Worth. Quayle has been riding since she was a child.

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