November 25, 1991 12:00 PM

Nobody does it better. While Elton John (in cap) and Liz Taylor’s new husband, Larry Fortensky (partially visible) looked on, Liz and Princess Margaret demonstrated perfect air-kissing form at an AIDS benefit in London.

Despite her role as captain of an opposing team, Kathleen Turner gave first-lime bowler Bianca Jagger—that’s her in the shades—some pointers at a celeb bowlathon benefiting Manhattan’s Second Stage theater group.

Jeremy Irons and his actress wife, Sinead Cusack (left), reunited with his Reversal of Fortune costar Glenn Close at a Manhattan AIDS fund-raiser. Close won a raffle prize and went home with a new Oscar de la Renta ensemble.

Richard Grieco, 26, sported a T-shirt from rap group N.W.A., while Drew Barrymore, 16, cross-dressed for dinner at L.A.’s trendy Trinity restaurant. What gives? Their reps say the two young stars are “just friends.”

Rufus, an English bulldog, had his mistress, model Toukie Smith, on a very short leash at the New York City premiere of Cape Fear, the new thriller starring Smith’s longtime beau, Robert De Niro. At the postpremiere party (right), Cape Fear costar Jessica Lange shared a private moment with her live-in love, Sam Shepard. Shepard just finished filming Thunderheart, a drama about an FBI agent, due next spring.

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