June 17, 1991 12:00 PM

Lucie Arnaz elected to admire from afar a reenactment of I Love Lucy’s famous grape-stomping scene, at the Lucy Fest in Jamestown, N.Y., birthplace of her mom, Lucille Ball.

In Boston, a smiling Jacqueline Onassis (left) with son John Jr. and daughter Caroline, helped out at the Kennedy Library’s second annual awards ceremony.

Jaws star Roy Scheider made like his carnivorous costar with wife Brenda King, a documentary filmmaker, at a party for City Slickers in New York City.

Author Robert Parker—or was it a Lech Walesa wannabe?—muscled his way through the literati at a Manhattan party. His 16th Spenser detective novel, Pastime, is due next month.

Scoop of the week: Elizabeth Taylor, with beau Larry Fortenskey at the Los Angeles airport, recently had her ears pierced for the very first time. Ear’s looking at you, kid.

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