By People Staff
November 19, 1990 12:00 PM

Parental units Michael J. Fox, 29, and mate Tracy Pollan, 30 (below), and pixie-capped Sigourney Weaver, 41, and hubby Jim Simpson, 35, left hearth and bambinos long enough to catch the Manhattan premiere of Made in Milan, Martin Scorsese’s documentary about designer Giorgio Armani. Sam Fox is now 16 months old, while Charlotte Simpson is 7 months old.

Betty Ford, 72, and ex-Prez Gerald, 77, visited with friends in Los Angeles. The former First Lady has been leaning slightly to the right, and not just politically, since having foot surgery in September.

His Purple reign long gone, Prince, 32, wore white to the Manhattan opening of Graffiti Bridge, a film that critics panned. Guess they couldn’t translate the Japanese on his trou: HUMAN LOVE.