By People Staff
Updated November 20, 1989 12:00 PM

Bill Murray clowned with sons Homer, 7, left, and Luke, 4, at the Big Apple Circus in New York City. Dad climbed into the ring and joined the clowns during the show.

That Hurt!: Actor William Hurt feigned prehistoric pain at a “Brontosaurus Bash” in Manhattan for AIDS research. The new mustache is for a part he’s playing off-Broadway in Beside Herself.

Those Empty Nest birds, Dinah Manoff, left, and Kristy McNichol, flew off to the Los Angeles premiere of Madonna‘s new film, Bloodhounds of Broadway, which opens nationally Nov. 24.

Actress Theresa Saldana showed off daughter Tianna, 2 months old, at a celebrity blood drive in L.A. Theresa’s latest film, Angel Town, a drama about gangs, opens this month.