June 19, 1989 12:00 PM

Carly Simon is more a mom than pop star with son Ben Taylor, 13, whose dad is Carly’s ex, songwriter-singer James. They were at an event aiding New York’s Association to Benefit Children.

Cybill Shepherd and her darling daughter Clementine Ford, 9, attended The Phantom of the Opera in Los Angeles. Clementine’s dad is David Ford, who was Cybill’s first husband.

British star Pauline Collins partied with hubby John Alderton (once her co-star on PBS’s Upstairs, Downstairs) and son Richard, 12, after winning Broadway’s Best Actress Tony for Shirley Valentine.

Now that she’s a mom, Lisa Bonet wants a different world for daughter Zoe, so with hubby Romeo Blue she raised bucks for New York’s Center for a Common Future, an environmental group.

It was about-face for Peter (Robocop) Weller and his fiancée, Sela (Nothingin Common) Ward, at a New York benefit for the Vietnam Veterans Ensemble, a theater group devoted to vets’ concerns.

Charlie Sheen and his fiancée, Kelly (Twins) Preston, caught a Road House screening in L.A. Preston paired with Sheen this spring after splitting up with live-in beau George (Roseanne) Clooney.

Vince Van Patten, actor, tennis pro and son of Eight is Enough’s Dick Van Patten, married actress Betsy (Avenging Angel) Russell in North Hollywood. Guests, at right, included Joanna (Gorky Park) Pacula and buddy Josh Evans, son of producer Robert Evans and Ali MacGraw.

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