April 17, 1989 12:00 PM

Starring as Marie Antoinette in the forthcoming film The French Revolution, Jane Seymour enlisted kids Katie, 7, and Sean, 3, to play her royal tots. They were taken off the set for the guillotine scene.

Following a Zulu tradition of remarrying after the birth of a first child, South African rocker Johnny Clegg and wife Jenny reaffirmed their vows in a ceremony with his adoptive Emachunwini tribe.

Big resemblance: Tom Hanks, left, and younger brother Jim lined up with Tom’s wife, Rita Wilson, and her older sister Lily Reeves, right, to confound friends at the post-Oscar Governors Ball.

Post-Oscars, Dangerous Liaisons’ disappointed co-stars, Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer, shared a consolation hug. This fall, Glenn will be seen in Immediate Families, Michelle in Fabulous Baker Boys.

Despite recent rumors that he’s romancing Cybill Shepherd, Robert (Chances Are) Downey Jr. took live-in girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker to the Moving Picture Ball honoring Steven Spielberg.

Goldie Hawn and Danny DeVito played head games at the Spielberg tribute in L.A. DeVito is directing War of the Roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Goldie is making Bird on A Wire.

“I’m not used to wearing high heels,” said shoeless Martha Plimpton, toeing the line between etiquette and comfort at the Spielberg fete. The actress came with boyfriend River Phoenix.

Never-shoeless Imelda Marcos attended a hula festival in Hawaii April 1 with friend Doris Duke. Last year, tobacco heiress Duke put up $5 million in bail for the deposed Philippine First Lady.

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