August 01, 1988 12:00 PM

Magnum DH: In Baltimore, where he’s making a film called Her Alibi, Tom Selleck traded his Detroit Tigers cap for an Orioles hat and joined the team at batting practice.

Paul McCartney, who lacks a college degree, just became the first pop star to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England.

Slash, rock’s version of The Ad-dams Family’s Cousin Itt and a guitarist for the fast-rising Guns N’ Roses band, helped hype fall’s MTV awards at an L.A. press conference.

Jessica Hahn parties with screaming Sam Kinison in L.A. after having joined the maniacal comic onstage at the Universal Amphitheatre while he ranted about Jim Bakker.

Palm Springs’s new mayor, Sonny Bono, wife Mary and their new baby son, Chesare, visited New York, where Bono compared notes with his Big Apple counterpart, Ed Koch.

Now that she’s no longer tied up in Knots Landing because of the writers’ strike, actress Joan Van Ark found time to co-host the telecast of the Sports Emmy Awards in New York. Olympic medalists Debi Thomas and Brian Boitano, all dressed up with no place to skate, served as presenters.

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