June 30, 1975 12:00 PM

The happy huggers

There was more mugging and hugging than talking when the two first ladies of sex, porn actress Marilyn (Behind the Green Door) Chambers and porn author Xaviera (The Happy Hooker) Hollander met in Toronto recently. Purpose: a photographic session for pictures to adorn their forthcoming co-written opus, Xaviera Meets Marilyn Chambers. Marilyn wandered about asking husband Chuck Traynor whether she needed to comb her hair (as if anyone would have noticed), and Xaviera offered her recipe for curing the recession: “Why doesn’t everyone just hustle?”

Lombard vs. Gable

The first meeting of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard was a sort of “put up your dukes” affair, at least according to Lombard and Gable, an account of the movie pair’s 1930s romance being filmed in Hollywood. A prankster, Lombard decided to attend a party in an ambulance and dressed as a patient. En route her ambulance forced Gable’s car off the road. At the party Gable chewed out Lombard. Lombard slugged Gable. To play Carole, actress Jill Clayburgh bleached her hair, but James Brolin (Marcus Welby’s TV sidekick) wears plaster behind his ears to achieve Gable’s jug-earred look.

Barefoot boy with pique

Increasingly, Richard Nixon is breaking out of the isolation of San Clemente—and for the third straight Saturday emerged with members of his family to chat with campers on the beach. In presidential windbreaker and bare feet, he tromped through the dunes with daughter Julie Eisenhower and dog Vicky. As this picture was taken, Nixon stumbled into a patch of burrs, raised his pierced foot and gave in to a brief moment of ex-presidential pique.

Brezhnev and wife

No question but that election officials knew the big boss was coming. So when the 68-year-old Soviet Communist party boss, Leonid I. Brezhnev, who has been ailing of late, showed up tanned and fit along with his rarely photographed wife, Victoria, to cast his vote in recent parliamentary elections, there was a bouquet of red carnations waiting for him. When asked to present his identification papers, Brezhnev stroked his famous bushy eyebrows and chuckled, “These are my documents.”

W.C. Fields III

W.C. Fields had scant affection for children, dogs or his hometown of Philadelphia. He even proposed as his tombstone epitaph: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” Times, and generations, change. His grandson, W.C. Fields III, a 31-year-old California lawyer, is now stationed in the Pennsylvania metropolis with the FBI—and likes it fine. One thing might have tickled the old “Bank Dick” his grandson specializes in investigating bank robberies.

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