April 07, 1975 12:00 PM

Giscard pins Eunice

For Eunice Kennedy Shriver, whose husband was U.S. ambassador to France, it was a return engagement at the palace. At the Élysée ceremony, French President Giscard d’Estaing awarded her the Légion d’Honneur for her work with France’s retarded children. On hand were two of the Shriver children, Maria and Timothy, as well as niece Caroline and nephew John F. Kennedy Jr., whom Giscard welcomed with a photo of himself and JFK taken in Paris in 1961.

Cavett wires up

Why is Dick Cavett being monitored for stress? After all, but for a case of terminal Carsonitis he’d still be live-and-in-color nightly. Actually, the stress test is part of Cavett’s host-narrator role in Feeling Good, the Children’s Television Workshop series on health which resumes April 2 on PBS. Dr. Dick will try to provide a transfusion for the rating anemia the show suffered in its early episodes.

Bonjour, Pierre

It was an obviously tender moment for Pierre Trudeau as he began a five-day visit to London with a call on Prime Minister Harold Wilson at No. 10 Downing Street. Wilson welcomed Canada’s PM with some friendly arm-twisting, and historians will undoubtedly try to fathom whether Pierre’s grimace indicates prayer, ecstasy, pain, or simply the realization that he should have worn gloves for the occasion.

Swedish kings of swim

Hoping to get Sweden back into the swim, 28-year-old King Carl XVI Gustav doffed his crown, donned his trunks and set an example by stroking the 200 meters required to receive Sweden’s “Swimming Citizen’s Pin.” His unofficial “Secretary of Aquatics” is the country’s “King of Swim,” 1928 Olympic gold medalist Arne Borg, who at 74 looks as if he could still give Mark Spitz a battle for a lap or two. Arne took a sighting to see if the lanes were clear, then joined His Majesty for a royal splash in a Stockholm pool.

Annie meets Fanne

America’s sweethearts were just busting with joy. At a Waldorf-Astoria ceremony in Manhattan, Ann-Margret was about to receive After Dark’s “Ruby Award” for Performer of ’74 for her role in Tommy, when she was introduced for the first time to Fanne Fox, the Tidal Basin Bombshell. The two headliners sparkled for photographers, exchanged a few civilities about show biz and parted, Annie to a promotion tour of Tommy and Fanne to more rehearsals of her nightclub act.

Typecast Maddox

Talk about typecasting! Producer-director Dan Curtis didn’t have to give former Georgia Governor Lester Maddox much help in preparing for his role in ABC’s The Kansas City Massacre, currently being filmed in Los Angeles. Maddox, in his first screen role, plays an Oklahoma chief executive who in 1933 attempted to corral the notorious gang of “Pretty Boy” Floyd.

Maestro Shapp in China

While his home state froze, Pennsylvania Governor Milton Shapp fiddled during a 20-day midwinter visit to Red China. Shapp and wife, Muriel, took over 1,500 color slides of the People’s Republic, and when they stopped off in Tientsin Shapp sought in vain to buy a violin that was for display only. He did, however, get to entertain his hosts with some left-handed music-making. “Slow Boat to China”?

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