January 25, 1988 12:00 PM

After recovering from plastic surgery (face and breasts), Jessica Hahn left L.A.’s Playboy Mansion to see her folks in Massapequa, N.Y. Family dog Missy is her playmate.

Feted at New York’s Wyndham Hotel, Glenda Jackson and Christopher Plummer took a break from Macbeth’s toil and trouble. The Broadway production opens in April.

Can we squawk? While taping Hollywood Squares in Hollywood, Fla., sharp-beaked Joan Rivers had her feathers ruffled by a parrot, Mia, who gave her the all-too-real poop.

Mia Farrow bundled up infant son Satchel to visit the doctor. While dad Woody Allen continues to live on New York’s East Side, Satchel sacks out with Mom on the West.

Bad boy Eric Roberts (drug arrest last December) and bad boy John McEnroe’s wife, Tatum O’Neal, visited tough guy Burt Young at his off-Broadway one-man show, S.O.S.

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