December 14, 1987 12:00 PM

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen (top right) whooped it up at Jane Fonda’s place in Santa Monica when Jane threw a party for U2, the politically correct rock band. Fellow cavorters included Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Fawcett, and she, at least, seemed to have worn her best poor-little-rich-girdle outfit.

Joan Collins popped up at the horsey Breeders’ Cup Ball in Beverly Hills. Days later she denied British tabloid reports that she had had breast implants and said she’d sue.

Al Pacino took a break in London from screening rough cuts of his latest film, Local Stigmatic, a drama about small-time thugs that he appeared in off-Broadway in 1969.

In Paris to sing her European single Every Body Tells a Story on a French TV show, Brigitte Nielsen rehearsed out of costume, but her underlying talents couldn’t be hidden.

Joining Liz and other potent stars with scents (and cents) of their own, Mario Thomas stopped by New York’s Bloomingdale’s to check out Mario, her eponymous perfume.

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