November 09, 1987 12:00 PM

John Cleese plays a lawyer in his new film, A Fish Called Wanda, and while hanging out in West London with co-star Kevin Kline (top) he did look something like a legal eagle.

It was no secret that the Bruce was loose in London. Despite (maybe because of) lookalike disguises, Willis and heavy steady Demi Moore were spotted at the airport.

In Manhattan for a Friars Club roast of friend and fellow comedian Rich Little, cutups Tom and Dick Smothers did some offstage gags to exhibit their usual brotherly love.

Lone Stone Mick Jagger turned up at a suburban L.A. club to film a video for “Throwaway”—a cut on his latest solo outing, Primitive Cool. It is the second video to spin off the LP.

Singer Cyndi Lauper and her pal, pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, showed their faces at the L.A. screening of the new John Carpenter movie, Prince of Darkness.

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