July 06, 1987 12:00 PM

Those lips, those eyes, that 5 O’clock shadow. Instead of chasing blondes, as he does on Cheers, Ted Danson became one for Three Men and a Baby, filming in New York.

In Paris, glowing Brigitte Bardot, 52, auctioned off her personal mementos, including the dress in which she married Roger Vadim (it fetched $3,000). The $500,000 raised went to Bardot’s pet cause: animal protection. “I gave my beauty and my youth to men,” she said, “but I give my wisdom and experience, the best part of me, to animals.”

Just for laughs, rocker Bryan Adams partied after his two-night gig at Madison Square Garden. Along for the fun was toothsome girlfriend, Vicki Russell, director Ken’s kid.

Reclusive Marlon Brando can still draw a crowd, as he did in Phoenix after serving as best man at the wedding of old pal Carl Hodges (left), an environmental researcher.

The buck stopped where? At a New London, Wis. antique shop owned by Jeane Trauger, who raised a few eyebrows when she wheeled her deerly beloved to its new home.

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