By People Staff
May 25, 1987 12:00 PM

While Prince Charles checked out his four-legged limo in Windsor, Princess Diana gave a lift to Prince Harry, 2. Their new terrier pup rounds out the animal house-hold.

In New York to toast the release of Beverly Hills Cop II, arresting co-star Brigitte Nielsen joined Eddie Murphy, who called for reinforcement from Mom, Lillian Lynch.

So this is networking. At a New York forum on “Who Owns the News?” ABC’s Peter Jennings, CBS’s Diane Sawyer and NBC’s Tom Brokaw found the question amusing.

Meanwhile back at the ranch—that’s South Fork, the home of the Ewings—the cutthroats and cutups from Dallas celebrated their show’s 250th episode on location.

Joining in all the finger-pointing going on these days, Bob Hope took aim at President Reagan (who reciprocated) while taping a Hope special in North Carolina to air on May 25.