March 03, 1986 12:00 PM

The iceman isn’t forthcoming

While filming Ishtar in Manhattan, Warren Beatty, 47, found a way to foil both photographers and snowflakes: It’s a wrap. The film, which spoofs the Hope-Crosby Road movies, features Dustin Hoffman, 48, in the wisecracking Hope role, and Warren, doing what he does best—pursuing the gorgeous and elusive Isabelle Adjani, 30. As to the status of his real-life relationship with Adjani, Warren is keeping it under his hat.

Iron Curtain call

Before traveling to Boston for open-heart surgery, Yelena Bonner (the wife of Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov), promised Moscow she wouldn’t speak to reporters. But that didn’t stop her, now that she’s recovered, from mingling with Tom Brokaw, Walter Cronkite and other journalists at a New York dinner in her honor, seeing the musical Cats, or visiting backstage with more non-reporters.

Air-to-air wedding

Air Supply lead singer Russell Hitchcock met Paula Fulmer, a flight attendant, while traveling between gigs three years ago. Last week the couple married. Partner Graham Russell snapped the pair, then cracked, “May your wedding night be like a kitchen table: all legs and no drawers.”

Frank ‘n’ Steen

On his TV special scheduled to air in May, Joe Piscopo impersonates both Bruce Springsteen (above) and Frank Sinatra during a spirited trick-photography duet. Says Joe of his imitations of the two fellow New Jerseyans, “This is the only way I get to hang out with those guys.”

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