February 03, 1986 12:00 PM

A knockout of a speech

Joseph P. Kennedy II formally opened his campaign for the Eighth Congressional District seat last week with a speech in Cambridge, Mass. Turns out that his captive audience was less than captivated. Son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, Joe, 33, seemed to have a sluggish effect on his 5-year-old twins, Matthew (left) and Joseph III, and their mother, Sheila, 36. Maybe Dad should stop practicing his speeches at the dinner table.

Aspen makes fonder hearts

Just about everyone in Hollywood is talking about the town’s latest twosome: pop singer John Denver, 43, and Shirlee Fonda, 50ish, Henry’s widow. After making a hand-in-hand appearance at Spago restaurant, they turned up together the next night at George Burns’s 90th-birthday celebration. While in Spago, Denver and Fonda said that they’d met at a Dec. 27 benefit in Aspen, where the holiday spirit presumably lingered on.

After the brawl is over

A day after arriving in Macao, off the coast of China, Sean Penn, 25, and his bodyguard were accused of wrenching the neck of a local photographer. While the journalist was reportedly filing a $100,000 suit for assault, Penn started shooting Shanghai Surprise with his wife and co-star, Madonna, 27. Their rickshaw ride is part of a scene from the adventure film, in which Penn plays a penniless entrepreneur and Madonna is typecast as a missionary. The coolies hauling the couple are actors—not paparazzi trying to curry favor.

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