By People Staff
Updated April 07, 1986 12:00 PM

Belly up

No, Carrie Fisher, comedienne Arleen Sorkin and Lauren Hutton aren’t in the family way. They’re in the funny way in From Here to Maternity, a spoof of motherhood that debuts on Cinemax this month. Griffin Dunne plays a doctor who artificially inseminates Fisher. Hutton seduces a parking-lot attendant, and Sorkin gulls her husband into believing a baby will mean tax breaks.

On the road

With info about Ishtar (said to be an updated Hope-Crosby Road picture), starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman, scarcer to come by than a five-cent Popsicle, a few residents of Brooklyn got quite the scoop. For three hours they watched Beatty drive around, muttering. Then Warren showed his Good Humor by signing autographs before he left, sans freezer, in a dark Mercedes.

  • Their brothers’ keepers
  • When it comes to escorts, Madonna and Mary Lou are keeping it all in the family. Ronnie Retton Jr. (left, at a muscular dystrophy benefit in L.A.) was hoping for a pro baseball career before he injured his pitching arm; now 24, he lives with his sister in Fairmont, W.Va. and acts as her personal manager. Madonna‘s brother Christopher Ciccone, 24 (below, leaving Langan’s Brasserie in London), is an aspiring artist now working as a production assistant on Shanghai Surprise, the Sean-Madonna flick currently filming in the U.K.

Cher comes a cropper

Designer Bob Mackie made sure she was dressed to the nines—at least—in black beaded loincloth and spiky Mohawk for the Academy Awards show. But signing autographs after leaving rehearsals for her Oscar-presenter role, Cher showed she also knew how to dress down—way down. Evidently, Mackie’s girl doesn’t mind pirating another designer’s fashions.